DSCN7989… to my website.  Whether you are a newly expectant mama, a friend, a past client, or anyone else just browsing, I hope you may find a blessing in these pages.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife with a small home birth practice in north eastern Lancaster County.

You may wonder why the name Rippling Brook Midwifery.  I love nature, unmarred by the human hand.  To me, it speaks of the Creator, my Friend and my Redeemer.  When I picture a rippling brook, I picture quietness, peace and gentleness in the presence of our Creator.  And that is what I want to be for you in your journey through pregnancy and childbirth.  A quiet, peaceful, gentle presence, hand-in-hand with God to bless you during this special time.  As your midwife, I want as much as possible, to create that kind of atmosphere for you as you walk through the pregnancy and birth of your baby.

For maternity care or inquiries,        call 717 575-6045      or e-mail      ripplingbrookmidwifery@gmail.com

Serving Ephrata, New Holland, Lititz, Lancaster, Intercourse, Gap, and More


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